TODAY'S HAPPENINGS ~ rarely will have homework in this subject

​​12-14-18 Explorer project presentations
12-11-18  Read and answered questions about  Sir Francis Drake 

12-10-18 finish John Cabot and questions

12-7-18 history of the Nutcracker story and How one  is made

12-6-18 Started John Cabot

12-4-18 (sub today) continued and finished  Magellan

12-3-18 (sub today) Given Explorer project information. Started explorer packet- Magellan - and answered questions

11-29-18 Geo. pkt #4 "A Map Grid" Homework: finish if didn't in class.

11-26-18 Geography (green) pkt #3 "The Four Hemispheres" ~learning about the 4 main sections of the globe.

11-16-18 (sub today) present posters to class ~ share what learned about that Native American group with the class.

11-15-18 finish poster, prepare for presentation tomorrow

11-14-18 continue working on poster

11-13-18 continue working with group to create poster about their tribal group

11-8-18 start poster project using notes from ch. 7, 9, or 12. Also in the morning they were filmed reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for the  news station KVEW ~ not to be aired until late January/early February.

11-6-18 present slides (made in technology class) explaining what they learned about Eskimos and Anasazi tribes.

11-2-18 finish notes for ch 12

11-1-18 start ch. 12 notes- tribes of the long house

10-30-18 finish notes for ch. 9

10-29-18 start notes for ch. 9 Tribes of the Plains

10-26-18 finish ch. 7 notes

10-25-18 start ch. 7 tribes of the Northwest

10-22-18 finish ch. 6 notes Native tribes of the southwest- Anasazi and Navajo

10-18-18 continue  ch. 6 notes

10-16-18 continued ch. 6 notes

10-15-18 started ch. 6 notes

10-12-18 finish ch. 5 notes

10-10 &11-18 Geog packet "Globe Lines"

10-9-18 read ch. 5- learn to do bulleted notes- about Eskimos

10-8-18 video explaining Columbus Day

10-5-18 Read ch. 4 w/ partner, do questions.

10-4-18 Finish ch 3 questions.

10-2-18 Read ch 3 w/ partner, do questions.

10-1-18 Read ch 2  "Away With Time"

9-25-18 Read ch. 1 about why we study history. Homework: finish the questions

9-24-18 begin using the history book   The First Americans. Read ch. 1 about the land bridge and how people migrated on the continent.

9-20-18 video clips on how the flag was made and the rules of the flag.

9-18-18 Socratic Seminar- they had a great discussion! Here are a few ideas that came from it: the pledge is like a promise or oath; we honor the flag because people fought for it; America stands for hope, faith, freedom; we say the pledge to show we love America; the pledge has a lot of words that I (student) don't know what they mean and should look up in the dictionary; the colors and what they stand for.

9-17-18  Explained Socratic Seminar and how they are going to do it tomorrow about the pledge/flag.

9-14-18 Geography packet "Parts of a map"  Homework: finish packet

9-13-18 complete prepwork for flag/pledge discussion Homework: finish the worksheet

9-11-18 "Why is today Patriot Day?" Discussed what patriot means and some of the timeline and events of 9-11-01.

9-7-18  had an academic discussion following a discussion protocal using their notes about the flag and pledge- 1 student read to the group something interesting, 1 student asked a question, 1 student shared an idea and answered the question, and 1 student built on that idea; then they rotated through so each person in the group got to do each job of the discussion.

9-6-18 finish notes about the flag and pledge; then some got to review the names of the 50 states and their location using a link to a game (on the 'Resources' tab above)

9-4-18  Continue flag/pledge research with partner

8-31-18 Students worked with a partner to start researching information about the history of flags, US flag and the pledge. They were given specific websites to look up (these links can be found by clicking on the "Resources" tab above). Students will continue researching next week.

Social Studies ~
​History, Geography, and Civics