TODAY'S HAPPENINGS ~ rarely will have homework in this subject

6-4-18 25 States, 5 Oceans, 7 Continents test

5-31-18 geog pkt "Montana" and study for test

5-29-18 study/quiz a partner and take turns on the computer about states

5-21-18 practice states, continents, and oceans for test on June 4th

5-17-18 practice states on website

5-15-18 Geog pkt #18 "A Physical Map: South America"

5-14-18 Geog pkt #8 "A Mercator Projection Map"

5-10 & 11-18 write final draft of essay.

5-8-18 Wrote rough draft of intro and conclusion to essay.

5-7-18  Started rough draft about "What led to the Revolutionary War?" Wrote the 3 body paragraphs using the info they decided from the planning page and blue packets.

5-4-18  Practiced states, ocean and continent names and locations for test on June. 1. Goal label 25 states, all 7 continents and 5 oceans  with the correct names

5-3-18  Used a planning page to prepare for writing essay about events that led up to the Revolutionary War.

4-26-18  Video- continue Liberty Kids

4-24-18 Video- Liberty Kids about the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

4-23-18 Read the last 3 articles of the packet.

4-20-18 read 2 more articles

4-19-18 new packet "The Road to the American Revolution" read first 2 article- underline/highlight important info.

4-18-18 Reviewed the information in the 1st 2 articles- using the whole team to help answer the question.

4-16-18 Read 3 last 3 articles in packet and highlight/underline

4-12 & 13-18 Read 2 articles about "Unrest in the American Colonies," highlight/underline important information.

3-27-18 Geog. pkt 7 "Robinson Projection Map"

3-26-18 geography pkt 6 "Map Coordinates"

3-20-18 geography pkt  13 "A physical map: Washington"

3-19-18 practiced the continents in packet #10 "Picturing the World" Homework: to finish it

3-13-18 finish sharing posters

3-9-18 Present poster to teach the class what they learned about living in the colonial times.

3-8-18 Finish poster with partner  about colonies and living during that time.

3-6-18 continued working on their poster

3-5-18 Start working with a partner to create a poster about living in colonial times.

3-1-18 Finish answering questions about living in colonial times with partner.

2-27-18 Using the articles and the book   If You Lived in Colonial Times  to start answering questions about people, events and activities during that time in US history.

2-22-18 Read last 3 articles about the colonies and highlighted information.

2-15-18 Read 2 more articles from packet and highlight.

2-8-18 Read 2 articles about "Life in the 13 colonies" and highlighted important information.

1-29 to 2-3-18 combined with ELA stories about Revolutionary War heros.

1-26-18 another video about colonies- Jamestown

1-25-18 video about colonies- why people came to settle in a new land

1-12&16-18 MLK & Civil Rights information ~ read some articles answer questions

1-11-18 Use map and timeline on pg. 33 in history book to draw the locations of the  battles from the French and Indian war on map then complete the rest of the Geography pkt #12 "The St. Lawrence Seaway." Homework: finish packet

1-9-18 Read ch. 3 (of new history book) with a partner about How the French and Indian war got started. Answered some comprehension questions with partner.

1-4-18  Geography Packet #15 "Waterways of the U.S." 

Social Studies ~
​History, Geography, and Civics