Usually very little homework, they will use their science spirals to take notes and make observations from the lessons out of the science kits.

12- 14-18 Science pkt #5 "Why do earthworms like dirt?" Homework: finish packet

12-11-18 DARE less #5 about stress and how it affects your decision making

12-7-18 Science pkt #4 ~  "How do people give blood without running out of blood?"

12- 4-18 (sub today) DARE less #4

11-30-18 Science pkt #3 ~ "What happens if you swallow gum?" Learning about the digestive system.

11-27-18 DARE lesson #3 about what to do and say when have a choice to make ~ Can we make better choices?

11-16-18 (sub today) Science pkt #2~ "Why does skin wrinkle in the bathtub?" Learning about the different layers of skin and skin tissue.

11-13-18 DARE lesson #2 about dangers and health problems of smoking

11-6-18 1st day of DARE (health lesson - don't do drugs)

11-2-18 continued investigation ~ read p. 6-7 in science book and took notes about how the particles move in each state of matter and what makes them move

10-26-18 Started Investigation 2 ~ students creating official definitions of the 3 different states of matter and discussing how the particles move in each one.

10-12-18 finished Investigation 1 by having the students notice that gases have weight.

10-5-18 learned more about mass and volume using water and displacement

9-28-18 found the volume and mass of a wax block and clay block and read from science book p. 2-5

9-27-18 took some notes about the 3 states of matter- solid, liquid, gas and showed how air is in an "empty" water bottle by squeezing it and letting them feel the pressure and hear the air escape when the lid was released.

9-26-18 Starting our unit called STRUCTURES AND PROPERTIES OF MATTER they just brainstormed what they know already about matter and started creating questions about it. They wrote notes in their science spiral.

9-14-18 Science packet #1- "Why are bones hard and muscles soft?" Homework: finish packet