Math ~ using Origo Stepping Stones curriculum


10-18-18 practice more about finding volume of irregular prisms. Homework: finish worksheet if didn't finish in class

10-17-18 Less. 2.11- figuring out volume of odd shapes- how to break into smaller pieces, figure out the volume then add them back together. Homework: if didn't finish in class p. 74-75. Homework: finish at home if didn't finish in class

10-16-18 Less. 2.10- figuring out possible dimensions with a given volume. Homework: if didn't finish p. 70-71

10-15-18 review  basic volume with 2.7 & 2.9 wkst.

10-12-8 less. 2.9 using volume= LxWxh 

10-11-18 Less. 2.7 introduction to volume- base x height

10-10-18 Less. 2.6 review using yellow wkst.

10-9-18 less. 2.6 ~ multiplication word problems p. 58-59

10-8-18 Review and redo ch. 1 (pages in workbook and fixed test)

10-5-18 less 2.1-2.5 review p. 49 all, p. 54 all, p55 #2 a-d only Homework: what wasn't finished.

10-4-18 less. 2.1-2.5 review with a game then had worksheets to do instead because many were not playing the game. Homework: yellow wksts- 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 (they are labeled in the bottom right corner).

10-3-18 less. 2.5 standard algorithm and partial products strategy with 3-digit by 3-digit problems. Homework: finish p. 56 & 57.

10-2-18 Less. 2.4 practice the standard algorithm using a computer game provided by the curriculm company.

10-1-18 Timed test then lesson 2.4 about multiplying a 3-digit by 2-digit using partial products and standard algorithm. Homework: p. 52-53.

9-28-18 Timed test and pretest about adding/subracting fractions

9-27-18 MAPS test

9-26-18 Less. 2.3 using the partial products strategy to solve a 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication problem. Homework: p.50 &51

9-25-18 Less. 2.1-2.2 p. 45 and 47 only. Using the standard algorithm for multiplication. Homework: finish p. 45 & 47

9-24-18 timed test, ch 2 pretest, activity with blocks to introduce multiplication and volume

9-20-18 ch 1 test

9-19-18 less. 1.12 (last lesson of the chapter) review of using order of operations and creating equations with or without parenthesis. Homework: p. 38-39

9-18-18 Lesson 1.11 multi step problems with parenthesis Homework: p. 36-37

9-17-18 Lesson 1.10 multi step story problems Homework: p.32-33

9-14-18 Lesson 1.8-1.9 review using worksheets Homework: finish worksheets

9-13-18 Lesson 1.9 Algebra: 2 step problems with more than one operation- learning the steps of Order of Operations. Homework: p.30-31.

9-12-18 All class activity with white boards to practice 2 step problems with different operations. Homework: none

9-11-18 Lesson 1.8 Algebra: order of operations with one operation ~ going Left to right is the correct way (ex.: 40+25+10= 75 and 40+10+25=75 are the same but 40-25-10=5 will have a different answer if you subtracted in a different order). Homework: p.26-27

9-10-18 Reviewed chapter 1 so far- number lines, writing millions as fractions, writing the number in words, and rounding. Homework: finish yellow packet (4 pages)

9-7-18 Practiced more rounding by playing a game.

9-6-18 Lesson 1.7 Rounding with nine-digit numbers p.24 Homework: p. 24

9-5-18 Lesson 1.6 finish practice with million written as fractions (ex: 3 1/4 million is the same as 3,250,000) Homework: p. 21

9-4-18 Lesson 1.6 Working with millions as fractions p.20 Homework: p.20

8-31-18 lesson 1.4 compare 7-digit numbers Homework: p. 14-15

8-30-18 lesson 1.3 place a 7-digit number on a number line Homework: p. 12-13

8-29-18 ch. 1 pretest