ELA (English/ Language Arts)
Spelling words :
   none, will start again Jan. 3rd

Spelling tests: 

*** Tests are given on Wednesdays, pretests are given on Thursdays ***

Here's what we did today in class and possible homework


​​​12-14-18 SSR/AR, write body paragraphs for "Cougars" essay 

12-13-18 SSR/AR, Finished reading and doing the questions for  Hound Dog True then turned in.
12-12-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, Do vocab and read Segment 5 p. 95-122 then do the questions

12-11-18 SSR/AR, spelling- ABC order/write 3 times, read Segment 4 p.73-94

12-10-18 SSR/AR, solve word search and vocab for Segment 4 HDT

12-7-18 SSR/AR, spelling- create a word search

12-6-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Segment 3 of HDT p.51-72 vocab and questions.

12-5-18 (sub today) SSR/AR, Spelling test, Finish segment 2 of HDT read p. 23-50 and questions.

12-4-18 (sub today) SSR/AR, Spellling- ABC order/write 3 times, continue HDT vocab for segment 2.

12-3-18 (sub today) SSR/AR, Spelling- solve a word search, Start novel  Hound Dog True segment 1: p.1-22 vocab and questions

11-30-18 SSR/AR, spelling practice- made a word search, ELA spiral- made an outline about cougars using the web made yesterday

11-29-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, grammar p.119-120 ~ more practice with using quotation marks and interjections also how to paraphrase a quote. Then took notes on how to make web to organize our information for information about Cougars.

11-28-18 Book Buddies, SSR/AR, spelling test, grammar RN p. 117 ~ using quotation marks and interjections in dialogue, Finish "Cougars" story and RN p. 110 for comprehension.

11-27-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.112, grammar RN p. 115-116 ~ using quotation marks

11-26-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 113-114, grammar p. 111~ Shades of meaning of a word (connotation) ex: watched vs studies, mother vs mommy, Journeys  p.290-299 read the story "Cougars" and RN p109

11-21-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest,  Writing Handbook p.26-27 write a compare/contrast paragraph

11- 20-18 SSR/AR,  Close Reader p. 32-35 ~ anaylzed the text ( circled and underlined parts of the story) to help in comprehension and answered the questions.

11-16-18 (sub today) SSR/AR

11-15-18 SSR/AR, grammar RN p.106-108 ~review of nouns, review of conjunctions from yesterday and review of how to create a topic sentence with connecting details. Take notes in ELA spiral about making inferences. Finish story in Journeys RN p.98 ~ inferences about the story.

11-14-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, grammar RN p. 103-105 ~ subordinating conjunctions/ independent and dependant clauses (ex: Although we smiled, the teacher didn't wave to us.), and correlative conjunctions (ex: neither/nor, either/or, both/and, etc.), started story in  Journeys "Storm warriors" p. 262-268 RN p.97

11-13-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.100, grammar RN p.99 ~ root words: tele-, photo-, scrib-, rupt-

11-9-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 101, write a letter to a veteran

11-8-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.102, grammar p.95-96 ~ fixing run on sentences and writing a paragraph.  Close Reader p. 28-31

11-7-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, grammar p.94, Finish "Everglades" story and RN p.86.

11-6-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 88, Grammar RN p. 92-93 Homework: finish RN pgs.

11-5-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 89, grammar RN p.87- prefixes: en-, re-, pro-; started story about the Everglades in  Journeys p. 232-241 RN p.85

11-2-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.90 (homophones), grammar RN p. 84, Writing Handbook p.24-25, make a poster about an idiom.

11-1-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, grammar RN p. 82-83, Interactive Journals

10-31-18 Book buddies (reading with 1st graders in Mrs. Padberg's class), SSR/AR, spelling test and Close Reader p. 24-27, video clip from "Old Yeller" - the part that matched the story.

10-30-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 76, grammar RN p. 80-81- direct/indirect object, finish "Old Yeller" p. 214-219 RN p. 74 Homework: finish RN pgs.

10-29-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 77, grammar RN p. 75 ~ proverbs/adages, p.79~ finding the direct object, Read "Old Yeller" p. 204-213 vocab and RN p. 73 to notice the imagery in the author's words. Homework: finish RN pgs.

10-26-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 78, grammar RN p. 21-72- writing with more detail, Revise/edit their story and print out a final draft

10-25-18 SSR, spelling pretest, grammar RN p. 69-70 verb tense & review of complete sentences (subject/predicate), Finished "Tree Kangaroo" story, Close Reader p. 20-23

10-24-18 SSR, spelling test, grammar RN p.63- root word 'ant-, anti-, anta-'; Continue reading "Tree Kangaroo" story RN p.62.

10-23-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 64, Type story on laptops. Author visit today!

10-22-18 (sub today) SSR, spelling RN p. 65 & 66, grammar RN p.67-68, Started "Tree Kangaroo" story RN p. 61

10-18-18 SSR, spelling pretest, finish the End of Unit 1 Reading test, fiinish editing and start final draft

10-17-18 SSR, spelling test, continued the End of Unit 1 Reading test, started editing rough draft of story. Homework: finish section of Reading Test if didn't in class.

10-16-18 SSR, spelling practice ~ played Sparkle, End of Unit 1 Reading Test, finish rough draft of personal story. Homework: finish rough draft

10-15-18 SSR, spelling- solved someone else's word search, started rough draft of story about "Something I learned...". Homework: none

10-12-18 SSR, spelling- made a word search, grammar RN p. 60- make stronger voice in dialogue, Reading Test 5, and completed plot map for own story in Writing Handbook​ p.21- topic: When I learned something

10-11-18 SSR, spelling pretest, grammar p. 58, read "Words as Free as Confetti" took notes on similes and then wrote using description in Writing Handbook p. 16-17.

10-10-18 SSR, spelling test, grammar RN p. 57, Reading test #4

10-9-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 52, Grammar RN p. 55-56 ~ plural nouns, Finish "Elisa's Diary" RN p. 50.

10-8-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 53, Grammar RN p. 51 ~ root words -ly, -ful;  Journeys​ p. 138-148 "Elisa's Diary" RNp.49

10-5-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 54, Grammar RN p.48- wrote a flashback, Finish notes about theme. Homework: any pages that weren't finished

10-4-18 SSR, spelling pretest, grammar RN p. 46-47- review comma rules and put them in sentences, Finish plot map, take notes about theme in ELA spiral,  Close Reader p. 14-15 Homework: finish any pages

10-3-18 SSR, spelling test, grammar RN- more practice with proper nouns, reread story and put details on a plot map.

10-2-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 40, grammar RN p. 43-44, finish story  Journeys p. 120-125 RN p.38.

10-1-18 SSR, spelling RN p.41, grammar RN p. 39, read "Rockett Girls" in  Journeys p.110-119 & RN p.37 for comprehension.

9-28-18 SSR, spelling RN p.42 Homework: spelling and finish Reading Log Minutes NEEDS ADULT TO SIGN

9-27-18 SSR, spelling pretest, grammar RN p. 36- practicing dialogue and  Writing Handbook p. 22-23 using  dialogue when creating their own short story. Homework: finish any pages

9-26-18 SSR, spelling test, grammar RN p.34-35- review of the 4 types of sentences and how to make a compound sentence.  Close Reader p. 10-13 - practice using a text evidence to make an answer and look at how people persuade us to vote using a poster. Homework: RN pages or Close Reader pgs. 

9-25-18 SSR, spelling RN p.28-29, grammar RN p. 32-33, finished story and RN p. 26. Homework: finish any RN pages.

9-24-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 30, grammar RN p. 27 & 31, Started story in  Journeys p.80-89 "Off and Running" with  RN p.25 for comprehension- story is about 2 kids running for class president and giving their speech to the class. Homework: finish any RN pages.

9-20-18 SSR, spelling pretest, grammar RN p. 24, MAPS Fall reading test, finish cursive packet Homework: cursive packet or grammar

9-19-18 SSR, spelling test, grammar RN p. 22-23,  Close Reader p. 6-9 ~ looked at another fairy tale and found the parts of a story- rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, conflict and theme

9-18-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 16, grammar p. 20-21, cursive packet Z, finished story and RN p.14. Homework: RN pgs and SPELLING TEST TOMORROW!

9-17-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 17, grammar p. 15 & 19, cursive packet Y, Started reading "A Royal Mystery " in Journeys p. 44-53 and did comprehension on RN p. 13. Homework: finish RN pgs

9-14-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 18, cursive W & X, grammar RN p. 11-12,  Close Reader p. 2-5 Homework: finish pages

9-13-18 SSR, spelling pretest, cursive U & V, grammar p. 8-9, used  Writing Handbook to write a short story. Homework: finish cursive and short story.

9-12-18 SSR, spelling test, grammar RN 6-7 subject/predicate, cursive S & T, reread (listened) "The Package for Mrs. Jewls" and completed a plot map with the class. Homework: cursive

9-11-18 SSR, spelling & grammar RN p. 3-4, cursive packet Q & R, finished reading "The Package for Mrs. Jewls" and did comprehension on RN p. 2. Homework: finish RN pgs and cursive packet

9-10-18 SSR, spelling RN p. 5, cursive packet O & P, Started reading "The Package for Mrs. Jewls" in  Journeys p.16-22 and did comprehension on RN p. 1. Homework: finish RN pgs and cursive packet.

9-7-18 SSR, spelling Reader's Notebook ( RN) p. 6, cursive packet M & N, FISH! lesson~ Make Their Day. Homework: cursive and spelling

9-6-18 SSR, spelling pretest, cursive packet K & L, FISH! lesson~ Choose Your Attitude. Homework: cursive and spelling

9-5-18 SSR, cursive packet I & J, finish sharing interviews and FISH! lesson~ Be There. Homework: cursive

9-4-18 SSR, cursive packet letters Gg & Hh, share with the class about the person they interviewed Homework: finish cursive packet and final draft of interview.

8-31-18 SSR- got reading calendar for after school reading, cursive packet letters Ee & Ff, edited rough draft of interview and made final draft, a few students presented to the class Homework: cursive pkt lettes E & F, finish final draft, start reading calendar (read 20 min per day at home, write on calendar)

8-30-18 SSR, cursive packet letters Cc & Dd, got partnered up- interviewed them- wrote a paragraph about the person with information (rough draft) Homework: cursive pkt letters C & D, finish rough draft

8-29-18 SSR, cursive packet letters Aa & Bb, work with team to create interview quesions- then make own list of 10 questions that will use to interview someone tomorrow, go to library for a quick check out. Homework: finish cursive letters A & B

8-28-18 Helped the class create the rules for this year, chose a book from classroom library and had SSR (Silent Sustained Reading).