ELA (English/ Language Arts)
Spelling words :
  all done for the year

Spelling tests: 

*** Tests are given on Wednesdays, pretests are given on Thursdays ***

Here's what we did today in class and possible homework


6-11-18 Put Autobiography together, finish LWW and packet, and wrote a paragraph about what they learned this year

6-8-18 Autobiography- last pages, LWW ch 13-14 and packet pages

6-7-18 Autobiography- 2 more pages, LWW ch. 10-12 and packet pages. Homework: finish ch. 10-12 pages

6-6-18 Autobiography- 2 more pages, LWW ch. 7-9 and packet pages. Homework: finish ch. 7-9 pages

6-5-18 Autobiography- 2 more pages,  LWW ch. 4-6 and packet pages. Homework: finish ch. 4-6 pages

6-4-18 Autobiography of a 5th grader- doing a couple pages a day, Read  The Lion,The Witch, And The Wardrobe (LWW) by C.S. Lewis ch 1-3 and packet with matching vocab, questions and story elements. Homework: finish ch 1-3 pages

5-31-18 Grammar 358-360, Close Reader p. 108-111, Interactive Journals and Teacher Read Aloud  Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

5-30-18 SSR/AR (last one), Spelling RN p. 353, Grammar 356-357, Spelling test (last one), Finish story and RN p. 349-350

5-29-18 SSR/AR, Spelling RN p. 352 & 354, Grammar RN ppp. 351, 355 Read story "Lewis and Clark"  Journeys p. 748-758 RN p. 349 # 1 & 2

5-24-18 SSR/AR, Spelling pretest, Grammar RN p. 347-348

5-23-18 SSR/AR, Spelling RN p. 342, Grammar RN p. 345-346, Close Reader p. 104-107

5-22-18 SSR/AR, Spelling RN p. 341, Grammar RN p. 343-344, Finish "Rachel's Journal" RN p. 338

5-21-18 SSR/AR, Spelling RN p.340, Grammar RN p. 339, Read "Rachel's Journal" - a pioneer story and do RN p. 337

5-18-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.342

5-17-18 MAPS testing, SSR/AR, write final draft of narrative poem, spelling pretest

5-16-18 SSR/AR, finish fig. lang. packet- practice all types

5-15-18 SSR/AR, Grammar RN p.__, Fig. Lang. pkt- alliteration, start narrataive poem

5-14-18 SSR/AR, Grammar RN p.333-334, Fig. Lang. pkt - onomatopoeia, Close Reader p.100-103

5-11-18 SSR/AR, create Mom's Day card

5-10-18 SSR/AR

5-9-18 SSR/AR, spelling test

5-8-18 SSR/AR, spelling- ABC order, Grammar RN p. 331-332 word usage, reread "Vaqueros..." and make a summary

5-7-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 328, Grammar - proverbs and adages RN p.327, Read "Vaqueros: America's First Cowboys"  Journeys p.692-707 RN p. 325-326

5-4-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.330, Finish Skunk Scout and take AR test, fig. lang. packet- personification

5-3-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, fig. lang. packet- personification,  Skunk Scout p. 115-144 and questions

5-2-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, read Skunk Scout  p. 75-114 - answer some questions in ELA spiral

5-1-18 SSR/AR, spelling- solve a word search, fig. language packet- hyperbole, read  Skunk Scout p. 36-74 and answered some questions in ELA spiral

4-30-18 SSR/AR, spelling- made a word search, fig. language packet- idioms, Started a new class novel  Skunk Scout they read pgs.1-35 and made notes and answered questions in their ELA spiral. Homework: finish idioms page, Return reading logs signed

4-26-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Grammar p. 323-324,  Writing Handbook p. 25, 49, & 69

4-25-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, practice more with hard/soft c & g sounds

4-24-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 317, Grammar RN p. 321-322, and  Close Reader p.96-99.

4-23-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 318, Grammar RN p. 319-320, Read "The Birchbark House" in  Journeys p. 664-679 RN p. 313-314

4-20-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 316, Grammar RN p. 315- synonyms, Sing Fig. Lang. Rap, Simile/Metaphor page
4-19-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, alliteration game, write 2 haikus Homework: write 2 haikus

4-18-18 Finish SBA ELA Performance task

4-17-18 SBA ELA Performance task (writing an essay)

4-16-18 SSR/AR; SBA writing discussion- expectations, how it will go tomorrow, examples of passing and not passing essays; Grammar review- looked through  Reader's Notebook to remind ourselves about transistion words and how to use punctutation. HOMEWORK: Get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast

4-13-18 SSR/AR, Grammar RN p. 311-312, Weekly reading test less 20, Writing​ p. 64-65. 

4-12-18 SSR/AR, Grammar RN p. 309-310- verbs and their tenses,  Close Reader p. 88-95 about storms.

4-11-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.305, grammar- linking verbs RN p.307-308, spelling test, Finish reading "Tucker's Travels"  Journeys p.638-649 and RN p. 302

4-10-18 SBA ELA CAT, SSR/AR, spelling

4- 9-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN 304, Grammar p.303, vocab for and start "Tucket's Travels"  Journeys p. 630-637 RN p.301, Fig. Lang. Rap

3-30-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.306, Finish  About Time and RN p. 295-299.

3-29-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Read  About Time p. 14 - 21, RN p.289-290, 292-293.

3-28-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, Read  About Time p. 8-13, RN p. 283-285. 

3-27-18 SSR/AR, spelling practice- solve someone else's puzzle they created the other day, Read  About Time p. 1-7 and complete comprehension pgs  RN p. 277-282.

3-26-18 SSR/AR, finish highlighting fig lang rap

3-23-18 SSR/AR, spelling- made word search with spelling words, grammar p. 276- writing with more detail, figurative language rap- highlight and sing.

3-22-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Grammar p.275, finish typing story with partner, and interim test on vocab/context clues

3-21-18 SSR/AR, Grammar p. 274, Finish reading "Black Stallion" and complete a plot map for it, watch 10 min clip from movie and did a venn diagram to compare story to movie.

3-20-18 SSR/AR, Grammar- titles in writing p. 272-273, Close Reader p.82-85, blue reading packets "Research" and "Kayaking Alaska"

3-19-18 SSR/AR, Grammar- fig. language  RN p. 267, p. 271- identify titles written in a sentence. Read "Black Stallion" did RN p. 266.

3-16-18 SSR/AR and then typed stories.

3-15-18 SSR/AR and then edit/revise their stories.

3-14-18 SSR/AR, Spelling test, finish writing rough draft of adventure story with partner.

3-13-18 SSR/AR, Spelling RN p. 268, Write an adventure story with a partner from a story starter.

3-12-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 270, Close Reader p. 78-81, Writing (orange bk) p. 46-47

3-8-18 SBA interim test about revising, SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Grammar RN p. 263

3-7-18 Greek/Latin roots RN p. 255, SSR/AR, Spelling test, and Grammar 262

3-6-18 Greek/Latin roots RN p. 207, SSR/AR, Spelling RN p. 258, Grammar RN p.260-261, then finish our story from yesterday.

3-5-18 Greek/Latin roots RN p. 195, Spelling RN p. 256-257, Grammar RN p. 259, Read "Darnell Rock Reporting" in Journeys p. 564-577 then RN p. 253 Homework: any pages not finished.

3-2-18 Read  Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! and SSR/AR

3-1-18 Read  If I Ran the Zoo, SSR/AR, spelling pretest, grammar RN p. 251-252, Finish final draft of concrete poem.

2-28-18 Read  500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, SSR/AR, spelling test, grammar RN p. 249-250- prepositional phrases and transition words, wrote rough draft of a concrete poem Homework: finish rough draft of poem

2-27-18 Read  Fox in Socks, SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 244 & 246, grammar- prepositional phrases p.248-249 and finish reading the story.

2-26-18 Read  Green Eggs and Ham, SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 245, grammar- prepositions RN p. 247, Started the story "The Dog Newspaper" Journeys p.538-546, RN p. 241-241- write opinion about the dog's story. Homework: no extra, students finished pages before they went to recess.

2-23-18 Revised DARE essay and reprinted

2-22-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Grammar RN p.238-240, Close Reader p. 72-75, Writing p.45 -letter about something cool that happened. Homework: any pages not finished

2-21-18 SSR/AR, Spelling test, Grammar RN p. 236-237. Read the story "LAFFF" and did questions RN p.230-231.

2-20-18 roots RN p.99, SSR/AR, spelling practice RN p. 232, Grammar- adverbs RN p. 235, Edit and start typing final draft of DARE essay.

2-16-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 233, Grammar RN p. 228, write rough draft of DARE essay Homework: finish rough draft

2-15-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest and RN p. 234, Grammar RN p. 226-227, Close Reader p.68-71, made notes on planning page for D.A.R.E. essay Homework: finish any pages or assignments not finished in class.

2-14-18 Spelling test, Interactive Journals ( they heard a story about a rooster and a hen Moral: give effort in everything) they wrote in their journals about the story and anything else on their minds for 13 min. finally they had a Read-a-thon.

2-13-18 Root words RN p.87, SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 220, Grammar RN p.224-225, finished story from yesterday and RN 217-18.
2-12-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 221-222, Grammar RN p. 223 (adjectives), The start reading our story "Lunch Money"  Journeys p. 478-487 RN p. 217- only #1 Homework: anything not finished in class.

2-8-18 SSR/AR, spelling test then took pretest for less 16, wrote final draft of opinion essay and turned in.

2-7-18 Root words (- ly, -ful) RN p. 51, SSR/AR, spelling test moved to tomorrow. Edit/revise rough draft using 'Sentence Variety' chart and made writing goals. Homework: finish editing and revising.
2-6-18 Spelling- solve a word search made by another student, SSR/AR, Recite "Paul Revere's Ride," writing- rough draft of opinion essay (the topic is: Should students be assigned summer reading?) Homework: finish rough draft
2-5-18 Root words RN p.39 (suffix: -tion, -sion, -ion), then SSR/AR, spelling practice- make a word search on graph paper, recite our lines from "Paul Revere's Ride," then start reading the sources for their opinion essay in Peformance Assessment p.143-151.

2-2-18 Spelling pretest (10 words ~ in between units, opinion essay words), Grammar- p. 199 and 216, Everyone recited lines of poetry together :) , then Performance Assessment p.25-33- highlight important information in the given sources for the opinion topic then practiced organizing an opinion essay.

2-1-18 (Orange) Writing Handbook p. 35 -did with science topic, SSR/AR, Read and discussed "Paul Revere's Ride" in Close Reader p.62-65. Then students chose a famous line from the poem to memorize- wrote on 3x5 card.
Homework: memorize your line of the poem to recite tomorrow

1-31-18 SSR/AR (longer because end of the month), Spelling test, Grammar p. 215

1-30-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 209, Grammar RN p. 214, Reread "We Were There Too!", made a venn diagram to compare the 2 main characters. Then wrote an opinion paragraph about which one was more patriotic.

1-29-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 208, Grammar RN p. 211-213, Read story in  Journeys p. 444-461 then comprehension of story RN p. 205-206.

1-26-18 SSR/AR, spelling practice RN p.210, Performance Assessment- practice how to research and plan an opinion essay- used topic of "Is Art Class Important?" They had 3 sources to highlight (gather info) and then create reasons to support their idea using a chart, p. 16-21

1-25-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Writing- opinion pargraph RN p.204, Close Reader p. 46-53 Homework: pages not finished

1-24-18 SSR/AR, Spelling test, Grammar RN p. 202-203, Finish story- discuss sequence of the story and theme, RN pp.194

1-23-18 SSR/AR, Spelling RN p.196-197, Grammar RN p. 200-201 commas, Read in  Journeys "James Forten" p. 421-426 RN p. 193 Homework: any RN pgs not comepleted

1-19-18 SBA Interim test about editing, SSR/AR, Performance Assessment book p.11-15.

1-18-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Grammar RN p. 190-192, Close reader p. 54-57 ~ reading a short play about the spies in the Revolutionary war. Possible Homework: Finish RN pgs and Close Reader.

1-17-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, Grammar RN p. 189 & Molly Pitcher wkst, Then finished "They Called Her Molly Pitcher" and did RN pg. 182. 

1-16-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p. 185, Grammar ~ verb into past tense and irregular verbs RN p. 187-188, Started reading "They Called Her Molly Pitcher" in Journeys and RN p. 181Homework: any RN pgs that are incomplete.

1-12-18 SSR/AR, spelling RN p.186, reading- Weekly Test less.12, and writing (orange bk) p.42-43. 

1-11-18 SSR/AR, spelling pretest, Grammar/Writing RN p. 179-180 ~ using verb tense correctly and presenting reasons and evidence even in an opinion, use Close Reader (book) p.40-45 to practice reading another opinion writing and answer questions. Possible Homework: Any pgs not completed.

1-10-18 SSR/AR, spelling test, Grammar RN p.177-178 ~writing sentences with consistent verb tense and a reminder about complex sentences. Finished story and the comprehension pgs RN p. 169-170.

1-9-18 SSR/AR, spelling practice RN p. 172, Grammar RN p. 172 ~figurative language ,Then began to read new story in Journeys "Can't You Make Them Behave King George?" p.354-363 & RN p. 169 #1. Possible homework: any of the RN pgs.

1-8-18 SSR/AR, spelling practice in  Reader's Notebook (RN) p. 173, Grammar- past, present and future tenses p. 175-176 Possible Homework: any of the RN pgs

1-5-18 SSR/AR, then continued working on Performance Assessment book p. 7-8 and finished a debate activity to think through the opposite point-of-view on the topic "Should we still have libraries?" they have notes in their ELA spiral. Then they wrote a paragraph on their opinion with 3 reasons.

1-4-18 SSR/AR, then continued working on Performance Assessment book p. 5-6 and began a debate activity to think through the opposite point-of-view on the topic "Should we still have libraries?" they have notes in their ELA spiral.

1-3-18  SSR/AR- Started a new paper for some accountability where they write down a summary of what they read that day
Journey's- used the Performance Assessment book to start looking at how an opinion essay is put together.